Mum and Son home fitness

(Tried & Tested Step board)

It’s not funny when your oldest son puts your fitness and determination to the test in public.

November 2016 my Son Jordan challenged me to train for 6 weeks! January 2017 we are still going…

I could be pushing myself a lot more I know this but with a busy schedule plus tiredness I have to make every hour count. Health is Wealth remember that…

I am feeling a lot fitter as the weeks go on and I will be trying and testing different home equipment.

This week we purchased an Adjustable Exercise Aerobic Step Fitness Yoga Gym Workout Stepper Board.
Well I did not realise you could use it for so much!

Things I liked ✔️

It’s affordable at under £20 on EBay.

Easy to use and fun.

Achieve total body fitness.

You can also incorporate more arm movement into your routine, raising your arms up over your head, or even using light weights for added resistance.

Adjust the height for High intensity! or slow your own pace.

Light weight to carry from room to room. Non slip.


Remember to do a proper 10 to 15 minute warmup and cool down with each exercise session to avoid injury.
Also, when working out, place your whole foot on the step each time, in a heel to toe motion to help avoid injury to your Achilles tendon just above your heel.
Your Questions for Me : Answered

1) Yes I am really a GlamMa ( big smiles)

2) Yes of course Jordan is really my son ( too funny why would I age myself for no reason he is 24 👀)

3) Training at home is great for me it’s very convenient. Cost effective and it has been as affective as the gym. ( it depends on what you are looking for from training) I just need my fitness levels up plus some abs for the summer (laughing)

4) Am I eating healthy since I started training… I eat lots of mixed veggies I love broccoli and mushrooms. I would not say I am 100% as I love cakes , red wine and I am a foodie..

5) All I am saying is 40 something…

6) Chicken & Fish on the same plate

7) Training on holiday.. I will try to keep it up it depends on how hot it is..
Keep your questions coming in.

Just keeping it real if Jordan was not my son may not still be training! It takes a lot to stay dedicated… If you are on your training journey well done and keep it going.

Next week I will be reviewing my last 6 months at Slique Spa from the Sauna and facials to my regular massages my body is a temple! If we treat our body as a temple we obtain physical, emotional, and spiritual blessings.

For more fitness inspiration follow our journey on Instagram :

Jordan @getrightwithlefty
Me @officialjennisteele


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