Life after a traumatic experience

The next chapter of your life will demand a different version of you #2017

1. Be true to yourself
2. You owe it to yourself

The wisdom shared in this book are lessons that can teach others that if they allow themselves to learn,they can grow in a positive direction from the experience.
Wounds to Wisdom serves as a reminder that despite any emotional wounds that people suffer because of domestic abuse the pain can lead to a true purpose in life.
This book will breathe hope to others living in similar pits of despair that 12 courageous individuals survived.

My Chapter : Using The Bricks of Life to Build your thrown.

Confidence is in the root of your soul you need to dig deep. There are many people living with trauma, deep rooted feelings and memories. Some will try to bury there feelings deep within but like everything that sinks to the bottom rises to the top.

Learning to love myself again was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. Just know that you are not alone in facing your fears for in order to live in your purpose you must face up to your reality.

It’s a natural feeling to feel sad, upset and angry this will be part of your healing process. Get some support from family and friends if you can’t face speaking to people close to you  your doctor can put you in touch with a counseling service.

Counselling is a great talking therapy which will allow you to share problems and feelings in confidence. Rest assured that your counsellor will be trained to listen with empathy.

Just remember on your journey to rebuilding your life after a traumatic experience don’t be so hard on yourself. We must build on our strengths with determination. You don’t just wake up strong..

The woman talking to you today is confident , strong , living in her truth and happy! I know what it’s like to have nobody you no longer have to feel alone because you now have me…

Wounds to Wisdom is a best seller on Amazon . Personally I have supported and coached many through my social media and workshops. I have turned my wounds into wisdom to support and guide others.

As I write this blog piece on New Year’s Day the first blank page of 2017

I want to encourage you to beleive in yourself and start your healing process today! Don’t let it hold you back any longer…

SPECIAL OFFER £10.95 Until 15th January if you purchase direct from me ( signed) Email me for details.


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